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My London Painting Collection Photobook

1:33 PM

The other day I got the advertisement about Saal Digital on facebook. After a bit of apprehension that is reserved for the facebook ads, I decided to check their services out.

Have you heard about Saal Digital?
They had received a lot of good comments, after going through the facebook feed, I realized a lot of people appreciated the quality of a photo book that was created. As every year, I wanted to create a photo book for the paintings I created this year and I decided to check them out.

Past year has been a revelation for me as an artist. I have explored my own limits and more into subjects that I would not normally choose and techniques that I had not known before. The paintings that were thus created are rich in details and diverse in mediums. That was the reason I wanted a good quality photo book that could do justice to my art. A photo book that would help me create a portfolio that would enhance the showcase.

With that intention in mind, I visited the homepage at They have different categories like photo books, photo booklets, photo prints, Cards, Posters and Wall decors among other things.

For my requirement, I chose a photo book that was closer to my heart. My requirement was simple, the photo book creator should be Easy to use, Low cost, it should give me the professional quality output. Saal digital outperformed all my expectations. The editor was so easy that a layman could use and the final product? Mesmerizing.

The printing quality was high, I paid using Paypal but they accept credit cards too. The delivery was quick and hassle free. What I liked most was, by the time I finalized my design, they let me chose the different formats, different finishes, and quality of paper. Each modification clearly mentioned the prize difference in the product helping me design the photo book of my dreams in my budget.

Although, my experience was hassle-free and with no followups. I submitted a design and received the book, it was as simple as that. They do however have a good support where you can get in touch in case you have any doubts.

From my end, Saal Digital has given me an excellent portfolio of my paintings.
What souvenir are you going to create with them?

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