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Landing in London

8:41 AM

After struggling for six months and the UK embassy refusing the visa twice, I finally got it stamped. As I was waiting outside the flight terminal, I felt a sigh of relief. The feeling you get when you enjoy a steam in a spa after a heavy workout. This was the peak of my happiness, after six months of separation in ten years, I was going to meet my hubby. This was a dream come true. 

The twelve hours journey through the cloud was amazing. I kept looking outside the window, impatient when the plane will touch-down. I was relishing the moment with a scotch in my hand and watching movies. While watching the movie - 'The Fault in Your stars', I kept thinking about accomplishing your dreams and pursuit of happiness. My journey was even more fun because I was reaching London during the Christmas eve. The festival season was around the whole city would be lit up. I went to take a nap imagining the fun I'll have once I land.

My nap was disturbed by a dream of me missing London, two hours before the plane reached London. Since there was still time to land, I decided to turn on the entertainment system and watch some hindi movies. Soon the pilot announced that plane will start descending and London has arrived. He mentioned that the time difference was four hours and thirty minutes, that meant I was feeling the jet lag.

After an hour passing through the immigration and security, I turn on the international roaming on my phone as planned. But as luck would have it, the service would not turn on. I decided to get out of the line and try the luck again once I am outside.
But the moment I stepped out, there he was standing at the gate with a big smile and flower bouquet. We rush towards each other and the heard fills with joy on seeing him. We hug each other tightly and he hands over the bouquet of flowers and welcomes to the London. We both knew, he is not good at picking up right flowers but we laugh. We were meeting up after six months and he brings up a box of favourite chocolates.

The time of separation was over. After six months of long-distance, we were together hugging it out. He called out a taxi near the airport and we stepped out in the queue waiting for our black cab. He had warned me of the cold but I had never realized the magnitude of the temperature until I stepped outside. Smartly, he had brought an extra jacket with him. The taxi was very different from what we are used to in India. There was an amble room for passengers and a wall of partition between the driver and passenger. We could speak to the driver via speakers. It was dark as I had arrived in the evening, so I could not see a lot of things outside on the highway.

Finally, we reach our new home in London. He welcomed me home and it felt like a cosy hotel room. We sat on the couch and started talking about it. There was a glass of whisky and Chicken biryani waiting for me as welcome dinner.

My blogging journey started when my husband showed me how to blog, but the last year due to one reason or another I could not complete it. I would like to thank my Pooja Bhabhi who asked me to write the blog about London Experience.

I had arrived in London just around the time for Christmas. The next two weeks, me and my husband had a gala time enjoying the holidays, coming up next. Keep your comments flowing as that encourages me to write more.

Photo by: Rob Bye

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