The Princess and the clean Prince.

10:28 AM

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a princess sleeping in deep slumber. The sad story of princess began during her childhood, when she went to a birthday party of her friend who lived with seven other men.

In her forest the Princess accidentally bumped into the freshly bathed fairy,

"You have disturbed my peaceful bathing time," shouted the fairy, "I curse you that you will not get any peace from now onwards."

The princess begged, "Forgive me oh noble fairy and I will give you a royal bath in a royal garden where no one will disturb your peace ever again."

The fairy decided to accept the offer, "But my fair child, a curse once given cannot be taken back. I give you a counter curse. You will sleep from now till the purest kiss from the freshly bathed prince comes to wake you up from your restless nightmares."

Thus is the sad story of the restless sleeping princess. There are stories about princes who took bath in valley of scents and even bio-hazard showers to try their luck but none succeed.

When the nanny of prince charming heard this story, she called the prince and sent for the royal barber, "Fool they were for going for extravagant means of bathing. Those men do not understand the mind of a woman. Shave his beard and clean his face," she ordered the barber.

Indeed the wise nanny was right for an unshaven man is an unbathen man. The prince woke up the princess with a rosy clean kiss.

And as it always happens, they lived happily ever after.

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