Bullet Raja

Movie Review: Bullet Raja

9:29 AM

In the recent years Bollywood is obsessed with this over the top violence and English with heavy accent dialogue delivery. In this 'confuzing' times Bullet raja brings to table the same old dish with a brand new recipe.

Meet Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan), a Brahmin born middle class unemployed youth who gets into bad side of the bad guys by complete coincidence and what was apparently during a monsoon wedding (why I am still clueless). He is joined by Rudra Tripathi (Jimmy 'Why-was-he-not-in-the-promos' Sherill). Together they kick ass, Sholay style with big rifles, sharp shooting and rib-ticking chemistry. The villains are there but only in cameos and guest appearance starting from Chunkey Pandey (reminding of Surma Bhopali) to Ravi Kishan (With his Radha act to avoid the heat) to Gulshan Grover. Together the pair of Raja and Ravi reminds us of the chemistry between Jay and Veeru from Sholay. They are promoted as the muscle power in the political area of UP and act as political commandos.

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia does a splendid job of portraying the underbelly of caste-divide politics in UP. The browmance between Saif Ali Khan and Jimmy Shergill reminds us of Shloay. Jimmy is given the tough task of becoming the Bacchan in the duo. He takes center-stage and overshadows Khan with his simple yet powerful acting. The director however does wastes a lot of villain energy in the film. With Gulshan Grover at his disposal, his skills are hardly utilized. We find mention of Paan Singh Tomar in a witty one liner (which was hilarious)

We also find our own Bollywood martial arts master Vidyut Jamwal, who takes down an entire Chammbal ka Bagi down with sprinting and jumping around, but fails to put a bullet in the heros head. With so much muscle power and fight sequences, we find his mention in the trailer very less. While Tigmanshu Dhulia has mastered the art of story telling, he should definitely take a lesson or two from the marketing. The trailer does not give justification to the movie at all.

The treatment of woman in the film was sadly non-existence. Why was there an out of place item number at the beginning of the movie. Sonakshi Sinha is just present with a few Bengali lines and no substance or even character in her role at all.

The songs are grossly misplaced, remove the songs and you will find Tarantino style revenge raga.
This movie may not be a pulp fiction but it is welcome change in times of no-brainers and gravity defining films of-late. 

My Rating:
3 1/2 out of 5. One Star is reduced for the poor portrayal of women.

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