Sajae Maut. Hang until death!

4:50 AM

Today we all are contented and happy after listening to verdict of the case about Nirbhaya. The court has finally announced that the rapist be hang. Today at the eve of this verdict, I wish to bring attention to few question that come in my mind.

How safe are girls in our country is the question hovering in our minds. In todays modern world  girls and boys are considers to be equal, girls are competing against boys and winning in almost all fields.
Today when time and again girls have proven to be no less than anyone in 21st century, where most of the time freedom is given to do what is right.

But in spite of being in the 67th year of Independence, we are in this modern world only for its namesake. Still the cowards in our country think weird about women here. We get reports of girls getting raped of all age groups, ethnicity, caste and cities everyday.

I used to work in a BPO and in nights shifts. Those days we heard many cases of rapes in offices and on the road while commuting. Had the government hanged few rapist back them, the cases would not have increased so much. Our parents tell us to be confident and bold in our life, but is this enough to make this society a better place? Isn't it every persons responsibility to spread the awareness? The change will start when every house hold stops looking at daughters and sisters as paraya dhan and give them the respect they deserve. It will start when we stop looking at woman as some object to be protected by some and to be used by others.

Why is it that even today many restrictions are laid on the girls? Why do boys get away with everything? Why can't we enjoy our life and wear whatever we feel is comfortable? Every person I know or do not know has an advise on what I should do and wear. Isn't it funny the girl who is working and confident and self dependent has to consult everyone she shares oxygen with when it comes to take small decisions in her life?

How free are we girls after the freedom of our nation, that we are still open about the idea of girl roaming all alone. And the worst if she is found hanging out with her boyfriend the question its raised on her character!!!

Why are we still uncomfortable of people staying in a living-in relationship? In the family we are not comfortable talking and watching adult issues. There so many things that family feels embarrassed on such bold issues. Still in the society there are things which are not open and don't let girls to speak on this.

Today let us take a stand to eradicate the old cultures, traditions, superstitions and low minded people and be more open towards the though about freedom of girls and treat them with the respect they deserve as humans. Trust them to take the right decisions and not be judgmental about everything they do.

If we do this now, the future will be bright and happy or we are pushing this world into darker age and maybe that time to save this world would be over.

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