A special gift for a special day

11:25 AM

Childhood always holds special place in our memories. As raksha bandhan came around the block, my old childhood memory came flashing back. After marriage I stay in a complete different city and my relationship with my brothers turned into a long distance. I have two elder brothers and since childhood we played together. I used to defeat them in cricket, carom and other outdoor activities. We used to fight together and in the next moment patch up and play.

The only person who was troubled from the fights was our mother who tried to break the fight and then the next moment we would be playing together. One of the prominent memory for those days was waiting for raksha bandhan and mostly because of surprised gifts. I used to wait in anticipation for days of what my brothers would get for me as a gift. There was a funny tradition between us that the gift my brothers would choose, I would like to have exactly opposite of that. I never complained, but it was just that our choices never matched.

As time passed and we grew older and slowly parted from each other.

It was again the Raksha Bandhan that got us together. I traveled back to my city and to my house. This time the anticipation was greater, did I brother chose the right gift? Will it be of wrong size? What if they got a color wrong? Well, my brothers were notorious for picking the exact wrong thing that I never expected.

When I tied rakhi to the brother, he told me he had gotten an e-gift for me. It was a voucher from He asked me to choose any gift of my choice. I was surprised and impressed, my stupid brother had become smart to do a thing like this. I immediately rushed on to and saw the variety of options I had.

There were different categories like accessories, shoes, bags etc. My preference will always be clothes. has a wide range of clothes to chose from. You can shop by category, shop by brands or even shop by collection. The best feature of the site is to filter out according to your preferences. The clothes can be filtered based on prize range, size, color, brand, discount and again categories.

I had just explored hundreds of option at the comfort of my house. I chose a printed leggings and ordered it using the gift card. To my surprise the dress was delivered in just two days. The size, fitting and quality was excellent. had made my Raksha Bandhan very special. is a new trend of shopping that allows you to shop at the comfort of your home. Its very fast and smart with a large variety. What is more, my husband was happy that he will no longer be dragged across multiple shops in multiple malls choosing one dress.

There is a level of detail in choosing every dress, is on its way to become a girls best friend.

You can check out their ossum rakshabandhan collection before its over

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