The Gorgeous friend of mine

11:29 PM

A girl in her life cares and loves her hair like anything. Her whole life she looks after her hair and keeps it neat and tidy.

She learns to take care of hair from others and the habit continues life long. This is one habit that women won't change ever. As she grows she loves getting appreciation from others for her beautiful hair. It takes years to make it look great. A lot of effort is taken for hair care. She spends a lot on products, spa, salon and so on. But all this is worth if her partner is happy.

The story of my hair is - I had short blunt haircut in my childhood. By the time I grew up I had fantasy to grow long and thick hair. I started applying hair oil and desi home made herbs to make it grow. Thanks to my mom who helped me do so. But by the time I reached graduation, I had cut my hair till shoulder level. It was straight and silky and I liked it, it impressed by boyfriend too.

Boyfriend turned into husband and it was my 1st Anniversary. I was bored of same hairstyle. To make it more interesting you need to change your style. So when I went on a vacation on a island in Pataya, I tried a new 'tedha hair par mera hair style'.

The most benefit I found of this hair stlye was: it saves you from hotness and lets air in between your hair, giving you great relief. And this unbelievable hairstyle lasted a week to a month, truly unbelievable, but true.

You do not have to comb your hair again and again. Just imagine a girl takes so much time to dress herself, then comes makeup, and finally a hairstyle. I just saved so much time on hairstyle. And looks ossum all the time. You can wash your hair with water and shampoo on it and dry towel. And your hair is perfect.

The colorful beads gives great emphasis to your hair looks.

This was my amazing hairstyle. My gorgeous friend who was much more manageable than ever before. What was yours?

This hairstyle was possible due to confidence using Tresemme Shampoo.

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