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Pampering yourself at The Four Fountain spa

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 Life is really hard. Sometimes you catch a bus, sometimes you miss a bus and sometimes you wait at the bus stop for a long time only to realize there are no bus on your route today. In short, life is hard, urban life is more so. In his day and age of running behind things, spending few hours at the spa really rejuvenates yourself.

When the Four Fountain Spa in our neighborhood invited me at their premises, I was excited.

As soon as you enter the spa, a pleasant feeling of serenity with dim lights, zen music and aromatic smell. The receptionist welcomed me and offered a glass of water. He explained the options of spa in details.
They offered a wide range of spa treatment specially catered for the urban crowd. They have a special package for IT professionals.

I choose destressing aroma therapy to relive mental stress. As part of the woman's day celebration they offered a 30 min of free head massage with it. I was lucky as I was getting a complete head to toe massage.

The therapist guided me to the therapy room. The room was calm, refreshing with beautifully arranged bed. She explained me the procedures in the chosen therapy and how long it was going to take to complete.

The next 2 and a half hours I was completely mesmerized with head to toe massage and the aroma oils, candles and zen music.

After the therapy I went to take a steam bath. There was a small glitch during the steam bath as it was supposed to turn on an hour prior for the steam to generate. But after the relaxing massage, I really did not care about the steam.

They offered nice green tea as I submitted the feedback form. Complimentary with the service they provided a distressing balm, which has proven very useful more than once.
After this lovely pampering time, it was time to say good bye.
Thanks for Four fountain spa for giving me this experience.

Everyone should take time to visit a spa once a month to release the stress and tiredness of the body. You can locate your nearest four fountain spa on their website. They are available in 8 cities across India. 

Place: The Four Fountain Spa, Brookfield, Bangalore
Average Therapy Price: 1000 - 2000 Rs
Recommended Therapy:  De-Stressing Aroma Theraphy
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