farm house

Farm house- Understanding the tone

4:20 AM

The Incomparable beauty, light, simplicity but hard to control is the flow of water in water colouring. Water color medium has its own methods and techniques to do a painting. 
The Versality of Watercolour is an endless delight. You can create bright and bold effects, or soft, delicate areas of Color. You could lay in Luminous washes and magical misty background.

In this painting I wanted to learn  water colour medium using different shades of single color. Though it looked initially tough, it was fun to paint. This is the magic you experience while doing a painting. In any type of painting tonal values play an important role on the subject. You need to keep in mind the dark and light areas of a subject. Different sources of light reflect on different surfaces.
This is a monochromatic painting, it has different shades of same color. Here I have used violet blue for the calm and serene effect. Sepia is another color that can be easily used for a monochromatic painting.

Broad strokes were laid in the foreground shadows in this imaginary sketch. The sunlight is reflecting in the middle of the pitch, causing causing darker shadows in the foreground. The focal point remains the the attraction of the farm house that shows the light source coming from right side.

In this painting, everything is painted in different shades of same color and hence looks amazing.

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