[Valentine Day special]: Hawaiian chocolate fondue

11:47 AM

There is no special thing in the world, than only Love.
There is no special feeling in the universe, than Love.
There won't be anything in the end of life, but love last forever.
Love you always my special valentine!

Happy alentine day. 

Fondue is a Swiss, French and Italian dish served in a communal pot over a portable stove with different types of dipping. 

This quick yet exotic recipe is easy to make for two people or more depending on the servings. Fondue was promoted as a national dish by Swiss cheese union. The meaning of fondue is 'to melt'. Originally it was made of molten cheese and wine with bread as a dip.
Other types of Fondue are cheese fondue and meat fondue.

As a Valentine day special, I am presenting a visual recipe of a chocolate fondue. This is called Hawaiian chocolate fondue.  Fresh cut fruits dipped in chocolate burning over a small aromatic candle will liven up your mood and celebrations for valentine day.

Hawaiian chocolate fondue

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