Think Hatke

11:31 AM

Life is what a mystery,a history for few and may be a game for many. So in life we have to solve so many huddles.So either we face, back off or ignore and enjoy as it is.But what if we start living life if we try life by expecting as it is and try innovating it our style and we eat the fruits of it.So let me narrate a story which tells us a example how do we lead life by simple thinking.

"An obstacle in your mind is worse than an obstacle on your path if you think you can't, you can't."

There was farmer in ancient times who had taken a loan from one of the money lender.Due to some of his critical financial crunches he was unable to repay his master loan on time. His master was very furious and fed up with the farmer and told  him now his time has come to repay his loan either he has to pay him or he will sue him..

The poor farmer had no choice but bow his head and begged pardon. But all his luck was in vain and waste. The owner was a quiet cunning guy.He wanted to take advantage of poor man status and rule on him. He said to farmer that he has to obey his some of his terms-and conditions and doing so if farmer looses his daughter will be his. Listening this tears came to farmers eyes.How could farmer give his daughter who was know for beauty and brains in whole town. He cried and yelled in the feet of his owner. and asked for forgiveness. But this cruel master has no courtesy on poor man he said either you do or die situation. Atlas farmer had no choice and had to listen,in order to survive his family. His beautiful daughter was standing beside watching the whole show.

The master told that  in this bag there are two stones one black and one white. If your daughter picks up  white stone then you and your daughter are free to go and plus your loan will be forgiven to you.. But if your daughter picks a black stone, then your daughter will be mine forever. Farmer was stunt. But daughter agreed to do so.

Master asked for the bag and and smartly played a game. What he did he tactfully put both the black stones in the bag. while doing daughter saw this.and she was also shocked but kept quiet after seeing. when was told to come forward and pick up any one stone. She came and while picking up one of the stone acted as if one of stone fell down on the ground mistakenly. All stood up , master said heyyy what you done how will you understand which was the stone as the stone fell down on ground has mixed up with other stones.Listening this daughter  smartly answers my heirness dont worry. no doubt stone fell down has mixedup but the stone which is in the bag is yours.

So now in the bag there was only black stone which was of king. and the farmer and daughter were free from loan and  they survived.

So always  be patient, keep your head cool and think twice always and think hatke which gives solution to all difficult problems in world.

So all you people you are most welcome for your feedback and comments.

Have a happy hassle free life!!

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  1. Excellent post... thinking a little differently does no one any harm.

  2. Sahi hey...welcome!! :)
    Patience is the key...